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Static QR codes lead to your URL directly, — you will not be able to modify the content of the code after its creation.
Dynamic QR codes, available to registered users, allow you to modify the content at any time and view advanced scan analytics.
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Share your music, audio books or podcasts inside a customizable mobile player.

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Provide any PDF like a digital version of your brochure, magazine, catalog or eBook.

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The App QR Code makes it easy for customers to download your app by linking to any app store whether to Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon.

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Generate and manage QR codes

Design and organise professional QR codes for your campaigns.


Just input the text, URL, or any other content, and our platform will generate a QR code, that can be scanned by millions of devices. Take it one step further and apply custom style by changing colours, adding your company logo, or use one of our pre-built templates to make your code stand out.


If you choose to use our Dynamic QR Code feature, you can track the performance of your campaign on a very granular level. You can track the number of scans, their location, and devices that are being used to scan — helping you better understand your customer demographics. All data can be exported in CSV and easily plugged into any third party reporting software.


Once you print your code on a product packaging, on a business card, or on a leaflet, it becomes impossible to modify it. However, you can modify the content that the code leads to — through the use of the Dynamic QR codes functionality, available on our platform. This functionality encodes our own URL into instead of encoding the content directly, whilst this URL than redirects to the content of your choosing. You can log in to your account at any time and change the content that the Supercode URL leads too, giving you ultimate flexibility in managing the content after the signs are printed.


Truligent QR Code generation platform allows its customers to download the codes in many formats, including PNG, JPEG or SVG - making it perfect for high quality printing. Create an account now and download a spotless, high quality code in the next few minutes.

Frequently asked questions

What you need to know about QR codes

Getting started

What is a QR code generator?
A QR code generator is a software that allows users to create their own QR codes and store information inside them.
Will my QR codes "expire"?
No, it won't expire.
Are there any limits on use?
There are limits only to free users. Subscribers can create an infinite amount of QR codes.
Is a license required to create QR codes?
No, you can create QR codes without a license.
Can I add a QR code to my account that I created somewhere else?
Unfortunately, you can't add a QR code that has been created elsewhere.
Is it possible to customize a QR code by using a company logo or icon?
Yes, it is!
What is a QR code?
A QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of a pattern of black and white squares, mostly used for storing URLs or other data that can be read by using the camera on a smartphone. Essentially, a QR code works in the same way as a barcode at the supermarket.
What do the letters QR stand for?
QR code is abbreviated from Quick Response Code since the main purpose of the code development was to create a code that could be read quickly.
How to create QR codes?
To create your own QR code, simply select a QR code generator, choose the type of content you want to store in it, enter the data and download your QR code. You can also customize it if you want to.
What are QR codes used for?
There are lots of ways you can use a QR code, such as directing audiences to a website for browsing, bookmarking a webpage, initiating phone calls, sending short messages, sending emails, producing links to web URL's, connecting to WI-FI, accessing information, getting coupons, viewing videos, purchasing items, advertising products, and others. With QR codes, the options are endless!
How to read/scan a QR code?
You need to download a QR reader app on your smartphone and scan the code with it.
Can a QR code be edited/changed?
Normally, static QR codes are fixed and cannot be changed. You can only edit a dynamic QR code (e.g. change the URL)
What content can be shown via QR codes?
You can create QR codes with our QR Code Generator for links, social media publications, Dropbox, App/Play Store Downloads, Google Analytics Campaigns, mobile-friendly landing pages and more. The opportunities are endless!
What's with the white border around the QR code?
A white border is put around the QR code when it's generated to separate the code from anything else next to it. It's necessary to prevent any nearby images/text from being read as a part of the code itself and interfering with the scanning of it.
What size should a QR code be?
We advise no smaller than 2cm (0.8"). Please note that the QR code should be tested thoroughly in its planned environment to make sure that it works at that size.
Why is my QR code not working?
There are many reasons why QR codes don't work, including bad lightning, small size, not enough border space around it or it simply does not have enough contrast.
Can I get analytics from you for a QR code that I created somewhere else?
No, you can't.
What is Mobile Tagging?
Mobile tagging is the method of creating visual elements that can be identified by smartphones and other devices. They're activated when users capture them with their mobile device's camera.
Is it possible to count the QR code scans (tracking, analytics, measuring)?
Yes, you can track how many times the code is scanned and see the statistics.
Is it possible to track where a QR code was scanned (geolocation)?
Yes, it is possible to track the user's location.