WWDC 2014

I think all of us watched the WWDC today. Or read about the new features of OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" (yes, the new operating system is called after a national park) and iOS 8. So I thought I'll grab just some of the new features and write about them. Any other features are lengthy described on 9to5mac or Engadget or wherever.

But first things first:

The URL is dead

© 2014 Apple Inc.

© 2014 Apple Inc.

Maybe it's a minor feature but it grabbed my attention. Take a look at the URL bar above. It's looks like the one on iOS and I guess it works like it: It only displays the domain. That's a thing I read a lot about lately. Because Chrome changed it's URL bar in the same way in it's latest canery build, too and everybody reported about it and called it kind of the "death of the URL". And as it seems they're probably right with this prediction.

Alfred Spotlight

© 2014 Apple Inc.

© 2014 Apple Inc.

Do you know this little Mac App called "Alfred"? It's main interface is a bar which appears in the middle of the screen and let you enter commands, search terms and a lot of third party stuff. Is it shown on the image above? No, that's the new "Spotlight" which randomly appears to look like Alfred. But a little bit more beautiful.

Hopefully someone will create a mod which allows to add the third party Alfred stuff to the new spotlight like this mod redirecting Growl notifications to the notification center. And like Growl I think Alfred will have a hard life after the release of OS X 10.10.


© 2014 Apple Inc.

© 2014 Apple Inc.

The refreshed AirDop allows you to transfer images and data between your Mac and your iDevices. The announcement resulted a lot of applause. But I think it's not really a new feature. It's more like a bugfix. Because it should have been shipped already with iOS7. I mean that's what everybody expected back than.

I'm currently using Instashare for this purpose - but I think this is now another doomed app.


© 2014 Apple Inc.

© 2014 Apple Inc.

It looks like Apple thought it's Mail App wouldn't "pop" enough. So they added an inline image editor - a feature I'll probably never use. But the new Mail App design looks nice anyway.

Another new Mail feature is "Mail Drop". This feature simplifies the way you're sending large attachment. It won't send them directly attached to your mail but upload it on an external server.

It's like uploading files to Dropbox and just send the URL to the file via mail. Just a little better.


© 2014 Apple Inc.

© 2014 Apple Inc.

Messages is probably the App which changed the most. It now synchronizes sent and received SMS with your mac and vice versa.

It also adapted some WhatsApp features like group conversations, naming chats and voice messages.

Oh and one more thing: You can now accept calls via Mac and/or iPad. It's like Skype. Without Skype.

Unanswered questions

There are still some things I like would like to know. What happens to the Dashboard? Why always adding stuff but never cleaning up? Nobody needs Launchpad or Chess. And many more.

What are your unanswared questions? And what do you think about OS X 10.10? Tell me @derStadtpirat


It could have been worse.