Who needs an iPad?

Well probably nobody. So it is not a very good question. A better one would be: Who ones/uses an iPad and for what purpose? Because I owned an iPad for like a week and I didn't knew what to do with it. How to integrate it in my tech enviroment. But first things first.

Originally I planned to go on a trip around the world after my exams. For a year or half a year. But I didn't want to quit working as a web developer - and I simply couldn't do it because of some support contracts. So I thought that I'd have to take some kind of a computer with me. More on travel gadget's in an other article.

Nevertheless the iPad in combination with an external keyboard sounded really well to me. And after some research in the world wide web - entering search terms into Google would be more precise - I found out that it should be possible to use the iPad as an webdevelopment tool. 

There are a dozen of different code editor and ftp apps so it didn't appeared that strange to me. Shortly after this I bought an iPad Air. 

Consumer or Producer?

The first thing I did was watching "Fight Club" on it while sitting on my balcony in the sun. Sounds great right? And it doesn't only sounds like this - it was great.

Another day I tried to write something on it - and I think I never typed slower. I hated it. This huge tastature on half of the screen - who should ever use it? Hagrid? Or another giant? And the splitted keyboard wasn't better. So how should I write a thousend lines of code on it if I have already problems with typing some sentences?

And then I started questioning my choice to buy an iPad. How should I ever set up a new website directly from iPad? There is no real open file system. How should I do designs and save layers as different images? I don't need a 500€ device to do mockups if I can use a 1€ pencil instead. And so on.

This was the moment I realized that the iPad is an consumer device. I mean it's great to listen to music on it or watching movies or... I think that's close to all you can do with it. But it's not made for doing serious work. It's not made for "(web) Producer". People who shape the web instead of using it only. And it could never ever replace my MacBook. So screw you "Post-PC era"!

Looking back it wasn't the first "consumers only" device I bought from Apple. I once owned an AppleTV - and it was kind of the same situation. I realized I didn't need a 100€ device to stream movies if I could use an simple HDMI cable. Nowadys I've got an 10m HDMI kable from my desk to my TV. And an RaspBMC - but this is another story as well.


If you want to "produce" - don't use an iPad.

If you should use an iPad regulary please tell me why @derStadtpirat.