Web Animations - element.animate() implemented in Chrome 36

Via: updates.html5rocks.com

Great news for JavaScript developers: Web animations are finally implemented. At least into Chrome 36.

Animation on the web was once the province of JavaScript, but as the world moved to mobile, animations moved to CSS for the declarative syntax and the optimizations browsers were able to make with it. [...]

Web Animations stand to answer that call, and the first part of it has landed in Chrome 36 in the form of element.animate(). This new function lets you create an animation purely in JavaScript and have it run as efficiently as any CSS Animation or Transition (in fact, as of Chrome 34, the exact same Web Animations engine drives all of these methods).

It looks like it shouldn't be that hard to use them. Especially not if you already did some animations with jQuery or CSS3:

  {cssProperty: value0},
  {cssProperty: value1},
  {cssProperty: value2},
], {
    duration: timeInMs,
    iterations: iterationCount,
    delay: delayValue

Here is a really good and complete example of how to animate snow flakes for example: jsbin.com/rewev/