ProcessDiagnostics is a module made for the CMS/CMF Processwire. It adds a "Diagnostic Page" to the ProcessWire backend which displays e.g. potential security risks (like wrong file permissions or left install files) and the server configuration settings (PHP version, User Agent, etc.). It looks like this:

The module is currently WIP so neither the design nor the displayed informations are safe in the final build. But that's what makes it great: It's one of the first modules which is build in - not for - the community. Originally created as a really lightweight skeleton and as a Proof-of-Concept by Steve, ProcessDiagnostics is now open for the community and everybody can add stuff he or she thinks is important. (My part is about checking if all of the modules are up to date.) And I think it's going to be a great module.

You can follow the conversation here.