Completely independent news? It sounds like a utopian imagination but it could become real in less then 15 days. It's called "Krautreporter" and it is an online platfom where indipendent journalists write about topics the readers want to read about.

"Krautreporter" (Crowd + Reporter) used to be a platform for journalists to get their stories or stories they would like to write about crowdfunded. Because good journalism isn't for free. (That's why a lot of newspaper implmented a "pay-wall" in their websites).

Now they try to extend this concept. It's not about crowdfunding single stories anymore. It's about hiring journalists and pay them enough money to write indipendent stories. Stories which aren't directed by the political direction of the newspaper. And get like four well researched stories a day.

In another video they explain that they won't try to write about the stuff every newspaper writes about. It's not about to be the first who reports about something. And it's not about writing the same stories all over again. It's about the topics the readers want to read about. And I have to say I love this concept. That's why I supported it. And you should do it, too!

Just go to their website and hit the "support" button.

P.S.: I hope one of the first things after a successfull funding is redesigning their website.