Capture Screen Casts as .gif with LICEcap

There is nothing better than a screen cast if you try to explain something. But sometimes it's just a little thing you would like demonstrate. A little interaction. Taking and cropping and uploading a video would take a unpropotional amount of time. The solution is called: LICEcap.

I know that you love .gifs. I guess we all do. These little animated images everywhere in the world wide web. But a .gif doesn't have to include a cat. Or afunny moment. A .gif can also be used as something ... productive.

Look at this video gif for example:

It took like one minute from taking to publishing it. And it was really easy.


The only thing you need to do is download LICEcap (it's free).

After downloading and moving it into your application folder you can launch it.

A border is going to appear - like in the gif above. Just move the border to the place you want to capure and resize it to fit your needs.

Now press "Record", choose the directory you want to save it into and wait three seconds (a counter appears on the bottom left corner of the app). Afterwards just do what you want to demonstrate and press "Stop".

That's all. Have fun with it!