Weekly Recap

It's sunday again. Time to recap the last week: Of course one of the main topics this week was the WWDC. So the first link is about a new feature of iOS8 and OS X 10.10:

Use your iPhone as webcam
Sounds like a great new addition to me - probably enhanced through the fact that my "old" 2011 Mac's camera is really ... old. And has a extremly poor resolution.

Kick Google Glass from Network
A link Lenny posted on Twitter. Sounds like a lot of fun if you know someone who owns a Google Glass.

Brazil Fourteen
Of course football is another important topic this time because the WM is coming closer. This link contains a beautifully designed play-day overview.

I'm a huge fan of "instant cameras" so this kickstarter project sounds really great to me. You should support it!

Krautreporter (7 days to go!)
A topic I wrote about some days ago is a crowdfunding project, too. The current numbers doesn't look that good. Please support this, too!

Great site to spend some spare time on. I found it today and it's lovely. Unfortunately only american Amazon links :(

CIA on Twitter
The CIA joined Twitter recently with probably the best tweet they could have made.


Weekly Recap

Time for the next weekly recap:

  • Dear Europe we are sorry
    After 25% of the frensh poeople voted for "front national" there are some (probably) designers who doesn't support this party. Even if this website won't change anything it looks quite nice.
  • Google Self Driving Car
    Google released a video of it's cute self driving car. It doesn't even contains a steering wheel or pedals. Everything is calculated by sensors.
  • The mysterious closing of TrueCrypt
    What first looked like a hack seems to be real now: The end of TrueCrypt.
  • Fuffr
    I don't know how this case works - but I would love to own one.

Weekly Recap

Even if this blog isn't even a week old (not even a day) I'm writing this "Weekly Recap". And I'll try to continue to write a "Weekly Recap" every Sunday. Because I didn't collect a lot of links for this week's issue it's going to be a very short list.

So what happend this week?

Just wanted to mention that this "Weekly Recap" category is inspired by Martin Wolf.