Mute Facebook Newsfeed And Get Back to Work


I'm really bored by my facebook newsfeed recently. Nevertheless I spend a huge amount of time every day only into scrolling down on it. But deleting my Facebook account isn't an option because it is an communication and event finding tool, too. Time to find a middle way.

Like Max concluded very well:

I concluded that I don’t need to read the News Feed, so I wrote a custom stylesheet that hides it.

The middle way is - like quoted above - a userscript hiding the newsfeed. Everything else like notifications, the chat or events are still working as usual.

And it's really easy to use this script if you're using Chrome or Firefox:

Chrome and Firefox users can install the stylesheet via, using the Stylish extension. Safari users: Download the CSS from GitHub, open Safari Preferences, Advanced, select downloaded file in Style sheet dropdown.

The result should look like the following image:

What do you think about it? @derStadtpirat