Admin Theme Reno update

After having Admin Theme Reno in the core build of ProcessWire for some month now Tom Reno finally announced to improve some minor design descisions.

As you might know I'm a huge fan of "Admin Theme Reno" because it just looks amazing :) But there was always something that annoyed  me a lot about the order of the icons in the header. Because a lot of times I accidentally hit "log out" instead of "go to site".  But this will be history after next weeks dev release including the improved interface.

You can find the original announcement here and some sneak-peeks directly here on the blog:


I guess most of you prefer using a console to using the mouse or inefficient user interfaces. Marcus, too. That's why he created "Wireshell - an extendable ProcessWire command line interface".

This extension for your console allows you to use Processwire over the command line. You can even setup a new installation with just one command. How awesome is this?!

How to use

Wireshell requires Composer and a local PHP installation >= 5.4.0.

  1. Download and install Composer (if it isn't on your system already), globally:
  2. Run 
    $ composer global require wireshell/wireshell
  3. Add Wireshell to your system path: export PATH="$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH" in .bashrc(or similar) on unix-based systems, and%appdata%\Composer\vendor\wireshell\wireshell on Windows.
  4. You should be able to run $ wireshell or $ php wireshell now.

In step 4 is not working just run "source .bashrc" in your commandline and try again.

Learn more about Wireshell

Availabel commands:

Forum post:

P.S.: Looks like you can generate modules in the near future, too :) - A ProcessWire Module Generator

Two weeks ago I was in Japan and had some time to waste. So I took a look at the ProcessWire Forum and found a lot of stuff I missed in the five weeks I've been traveling around without a laptop (and the weeks before).

A lot of core updates were about make builing modules easier. One was about saving ModuleInfo as an external json file another was about an extern config file and the newest about an even easier way for external config file. And there was a post in the forum about the wish to easily generate modules per command line. So I decided to write a module generator.

First step was analyzing some modules and find parts each of them contains. Like a "module type" or the "extend" and "implement" line at the top. Next step was finding all the possible ModuleInfo settings (which sounds easier than it was). After an hour I had written a Google Doc containing everything I would have to know while building the generator. I found some more stuff the day after and added it.

When I was back in Berlin I started building it. Normally I would start with the actual functionallity that generates the output but in this case I started building the form. I had some different ideas for it's user interface like putting the whole code on the site and make some areas of it editable. But I think this would have made everything more complicated and not better. So I decided to use a normal form and "adapt" the style of a processwire admin theme which never got finished. 

The generator is not based on ProcessWire. It's pure PHP and frontend stuff and containing not more than two main files and some helpers. As much as I love ProcessWire: I think it would have been an overkill to use it here :)

You can start building your module here:

And here is how it looks:

Mailbox Beta (3 Invites to Give Away)

Some weeks ago I requested a MailBox Beta access. Today it arrived. And it's probably the sweetest way how to unlock an Beta app I've ever seen.

You don't receive an access code - you receive an access coin. It's an animated, blinking coin. Not just a normal one. And it looks like this (I already used it so it shouldn't work for you anymore. Sorry!):

Now what could you do with this coin? Right - put it in a (MailBox branded) donation can:

I really like this.

Unfortunaly I'm not really able to try MailBox because it is not supporting custom IMAP but only iCloud and Gmail.

Anyway I now have 3 beta coins to give away. If you want one - just drop me a line @derStadtpirat.